In the financial world, licences play a crucial role in offering clients the best possible services. Licensing under §34f and §34e gives us the opportunity to make a wider range of financial products and services available to you, while fee-based licensing enables us to provide transparent and commission-free advice. In the context of wealth and investment, these accreditations create the basis for customised solutions and individual financial strategies to achieve long-term financial goals.

Comprehensive range of financial products and services

Thanks to our authorisation in accordance with §34f and §34e, we can provide you with a range of financial products and services that goes beyond pure insurance sales. These include individual investment advice, professional asset management and other financial solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Fee approval

Fee authorisation allows clients to benefit from an asset policy based on transparent and fairly calculated fees. This ensures that advice and support is provided independently of commissions, which enables objective and customised asset management that is exclusively in the interest of the client.


Wealth and investment go hand in hand, as sensible investments offer a way to increase one’s wealth and achieve long-term financial goals. A wise and diversified investment strategy can help protect, preserve and potentially grow wealth from inflation while spreading risk to minimise potential losses.